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Providers Work in Progress


This page show all of cloud providers. If you want to see all possible services for specific category (e.g. S3 vs Alternatives for Object Storage), then you better see the services page.

Or if you want to know how to stitch between services, please check in the use cases page

Cloud Infrastructure Providers

Not only providing a server or platform, but also vast services that you may not realize exist.

VM and Dedicated Server

Providing server for your general application, GPU server or dedicated server.

Platform as a Services

Specialize to make your development lifecyle faster. You can deploy directly from your repository or docker image.

Backing Services

Specialize to create a backing services. A backing service is any service the app consumes over the network as part of its normal operation (definition by 12 Factor App).


Specialize to make you understand what happen with your app in the wild (production).

Other Providers

Other providers that not fit in the categories above.

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