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Services Work in Progress


This page is still work in progress


Deploy your application to the cloud. You can choose between virtual machine, container or serverless.

Virtual Machine (VM)

From Source Code, Container or Kubernetes

Function as a Service (FaaS) / Serverless

Managed Database Service

Specialize to make your database management easier. You can choose between SQL or NoSQL database.


Specialize to store your data in the cloud. You can choose between object storage, block storage or file storage.


Specialize to make your network management easier.

AI Services

Specialize to make your AI development easier.


Specialize to make your CI/CD easier.


Specialize to make your event-driven development easier.


Specialize to make your application monitoring easier.

Other Services

Other services that not fit in the categories above.

Simplify your cloud journey.
Bongkar Cloud is a cloud research platform that provides a comprehensive guide to cloud services, cloud architecture, Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) and other.
We help you to understand the cloud better and make the right decision.